Mike Hearn  Finance 66

Mike Hearn Finance 66

Your personal advocate.

It can be lonely out there.

In the current economic climate, banks aren't nearly as willing or enthusiastic to provide finance as in previous years - the landscape has significantly changed. Even a high credit score doesn't necessarily guarantee approval. 

So instead of directly approaching the banks one at a time, we strongly recommend enlisting an experienced finance broker to help you with your home mortgage, business loan or personal finance. Whether you are buying, building, renovating or investing, a dedicated finance specialist can make all the difference, smoothing the way forward.

But perhaps more importantly, a broker will act as your 'personal advocate', finding the best conditions and terms available in the marketplace, saving you time, money and stress.

As a client of Westmount, we have access to a wide network of professionals in operating in various fields, so we can introduce you to an approachable, reliable finance broker that is genuinely willing to work in your best interests. 


Live out of your imagination,
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