What to expect...

Our goal is a clear one - to protect and grow your wealth by providing meaningful advice and support that you can rely on.

We also recognise that financial advice only has value when it is provided with a client’s best interests at heart, so we've structured our services and fees to ensure that our success is aligned with yours.

As our client, you'll enjoy the following benefits...


Regular reviews

The purpose of review meetings is to revisit your overarching financial objectives, focusing on your values and goals and then benchmarking progress against stated objectives. These reviews may include recommendations or action steps to fine-tune your strategy.



Fast administrative support

Your Service Officer is committed to providing you with rapid-response administrative support, resolving your questions and issues with a sense of urgency, so you can quickly move on to other things.


Reliable adviser support

In addition to administrative support, you'll also have a direct, easy access to your financial adviser. Your Adviser will stay close, coordinate meetings and keep you informed and on-track. 


Regular reporting

You'll receive timely investment reports, which include consolidated investment balance details, performance data and personal benchmarking information.


Cashflow management

As part of the review process, we’ll regularly monitor your cash flow and debt levels to 'head off' any potential trouble going forward.


Risk management advice

We'll be alert to any potential threats to your strategy. This includes life, disability, trauma risks along with property and investment risks. We'll also work closely with your Lawyer, Accountant and stakeholders to ensure that your risk management and estate planning strategies remain relevant and up to date.


Centrelink alerts & support

We'll regularly monitor your potential social security position and alert you to any action required to maximise your entitlements.


Real-time news

Ongoing communications and real-time updates to keep you informed of any important developments between regular face-to-face reviews.


A trusted partner

A trusted, reliable partner that's in your corner of the room. We're always happy to assist clients, family and friends where possible, and if we can't, we'll point you in the right direction.


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