Take control.

Despite recent changes, superannuation still remains an extremely tax effective way to build wealth for the majority of working Australians. And when coupled with a clearly defined retirement objective, a smarter superannuation approach can significantly improve your retirement prospects, giving you a greater sense of control and confidence. 

So if you're serious about living well in retirement (and enjoying the journey along the way), getting the most out of your superannuation arrangements should be a top priority.



Which way forward?

Generally, there are three types of superannuation funds - industry, retail and self-managed (SMSF). Each have their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages, so it's worth getting advice.

But let's clear the air.  Despite what you may have read, any one of these alternatives are perfectly acceptable and available to most Australians whether in pension or accumulation phase. However, finding the best superannuation solution will ultimately depend on your investment experience, your desired level of control, and how much you've already saved.

Don't get discouraged by the advice 'tug-of-war' out there in the marketplace - losing interest in your super (quite possibly your second largest financial asset) and settling for 'mediocre' can seriously erode your financial health.


A clear direction.

Once we know what you'd like to achieve, we can narrow down your superannuation options and point you in the right direction. And as a privately owned financial planning practice, we're in a better position than most to give you the full picture.

You'll be delighted with the transparency and simplicity of our advice, confident that you've made the right decision.