A Fresh Start.

As this financial year comes to a close, and a new year begins, now is the perfect time to hit 'reset' and get a fresh start.

If you would like 2018 to be the milestone year that moves you decisively towards your cherished goals, you need a plan, one that is uniquely your own, and vividly clear in its design and purpose.  

We can help.

Westmount Financial is a long-established, self-licensed, financial planning practice based in Subiaco, Western Australia. We've been helping clients move the needle from vision to reality for over 40 years, using proven investment, superannuation and retirement strategies that work - no distractions, no unnecessary clutter, just a clear path forward, and peace of mind. 


We enjoy a challenge and we love to educate - our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, each with their own unique sets of circumstances. In other words, your income level, bank balance or investment experience doesn't influence our enthusiasm or dedication to look after your financial affairs and support your dreams. 

So if you've ever felt like there was something standing between you and the things you want most in life, its time to take action. 

Call us for an obligation-free review and second opinion. If we can add meaningful value, we'll offer to set you on a better course and fully explain what the next steps will be. And if not, you'll walk away knowing that you're already moving in the right direction.


It's about you.

Without first knowing what matters most to you, making tangible progress can be a lengthy, frustrating, and potentially expensive exercise.

Instead, we believe that your personal goals and beliefs should be at the centre of your investment or retirement strategy, not the other way around. In fact, beginning with the end in mind, having a clear vision, and staying faithful to your core values, will inform your important investment and lifestyle decisions, making your journey from 'A to B' a more intuitive (and comfortable) experience.

Whether you're in need of a comprehensive financial plan, a retirement review, or a superannuation rethink, let's get it right the first time. 


Advice, the way it should be.

A well designed financial plan may not stand the test of time if you're not entirely comfortable with your Financial Advisor. And a common barrier to a productive 'advisor/client' relationship can often be lingering concerns over fees or potential conflicts of interest.

We offer a different approach.

To better align our success with yours, we've developed a service offering that is much fairer and easier to understand than the current industry standard.

Instead of confusing transaction-driven investment fees and 'multi-tiered' service packages, we believe that all clients deserve a consistently high level of advice and support, delivered on terms that are simple, cost effective and transparent.


Imagination will often carry us
to worlds that never were.
But without it we go nowhere.
— Carl Sagan

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