We've been helping people 'connect the dots' to reach their personal and financial goals for 40 years.

As a privately owned financial planning practice, we can devote more time, energy and focus into gaining a clear understanding of what's most important to you. And with greater clarity comes more meaningful, relatable solutions that you can actually get excited about.

If there is a better way forward, we'll find it.

Whether you're planning your retirement, fine-tuning your superannuation or just starting out, find out how a fresh perspective and thoughtful advice can make a measurable difference to your life. 



Every client has a unique story, with different priorities and life experiences. 

We also understand that there is more than just one way to achieve your goals, and that occasionally, you'll need to think again, hit 'reset' and change course. That's just life.

So if the road is filled with those inevitable twists and turns, have you ever wondered why so many banks and superannuation funds insist on offering one-size-fits-all 'advice' to their customers? 

We suggest taking a fresh look.



In recent years, outsourced call centres and online calculators and have often passed for 'service and support', leaving many customers feeling underwhelmed, disconnected, and a little uneasy.

There is a better way forward.

At Westmount, we believe there really is no substitute for face-to-face meetings and ongoing 'human' interaction with people you know and trust.  And we also recognise that a client's ability to easily 'check-in' with a familiar, approachable adviser is just as important as creating a robust financial plan.



Distilling the complex world of finance, tax and superannuation into easy to understand language and ideas is what we do well.

In fact we go out of our way to keep things simple, uncluttered and transparent, so you'll always know precisely what you're aiming for and how you're going to get there. Your time is precious, so let's keep it that way.




Our fee structure is also refreshingly straight-forward.

Rather than confusing, opaque percentage based charges and 'tiered' service packages, we think it's fairer to apply a simple, affordable flat fee for initial and ongoing work. All clients, regardless of their income or assets, receive the same level of support and attention - no hidden costs, no surprises.

One high level of service for one easy to understand fee - the way it should be.


Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.
— Carl Sagan