Trusted specialists.

Our growing network of trusted partners are experienced, approachable and reliable, and committed to an open line of communication between all parties (accountant, lawyer, financial adviser, family etc) to ensure that consistent outcomes are achieved for our clients.

Below are some of our valued professional contacts...





Troy Anderson - Accounting

Troy is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with over 20 years experience. Troy specializes in providing advisory services to family based and corporate businesses from a range of industries, including engineering, manufacturing, importation/wholesaling, broad acre farming, franchising and mining.

Troy has been a director of Thorntons Business Advisors since 2001.







Mike Hearn - Finance

Mike has over 25 years experience in senior client relationship roles, encompassing financial planning, vehicle leasing, management and sales with local, national and international firms. He has a wealth of experience working with a range of clients including small business, government and hundreds of one on one dealings with individual customers.

As a broker at Finance 66, he can assist with loans for home, investment, vehicles and commercial purposes. Mike will take the time to thoroughly research every situation to deliver the right outcome for his client.




Dr Brett Davies



Dr Brett Davies - Law

Brett is a Partner at national law firm Legal Consolidated (Barristers & Solicitors), with over 30 years legal experience in Tax, Superannuation and 3-Generation Testamentary Trusts. 

A highly respected community leader, Brett can distil complex legal matters down to advice our clients can understand and relate to. Brett's guidance has been invaluable to both our business and clients.

Watch Dr Brett Davies informative videos here.






Iggy Moro - Accounting

Iggy is a Director with Walker Wayland WA, a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, a Chartered Tax Advisor of the Tax Institute of Australia and a CA SMSF Specialist. Walker Wayland WA is a full-service accounting form specialising in business growth, profit improvement and maximising overall business performance. Iggy is the Walker Wayland Australasia National Chair of the Superannuation Specialist Group. He has recently completed his Diploma of Financial Planning.

Iggy has been in public practice since 1992 and advises client in tax, business advisory and SMSF. He assists clients achieve their business, financial and personal goals from start-ups, SME's and multi-national businesses from a wide range of industries. Iggy has also volunteered time and resources for various committees and not for profit organisations in the education and finance industries.




Let's work together.

Again, our primary goal is to ensure that our client's affairs are streamlined and efficient, so open collaboration between all advisers and stakeholders is key to achieving this objective.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with Westmount Financial, please contact Rick Maggi personally on 9382 8885.