15/03/14: Why asset allocation is so important

…making a comeback

If we've learned anything since the GFC, it's that a well diversified portfolio of assets, including local and overseas shares, property, cash, bonds etc., is the smartest (and easiest) way to preserve and grow your capital, whether you are retired or accumulating assets. Even as the global economy recovers, thanks to the pain experienced by most of us during the GFC, its unlikely that a new found respect for asset allocation will fade anytime soon.

In this article, Dr Shane Oliver explains what asset allocation is, why it's important to you and how to manage the economic cycles. It should be liberating to know that about 90% of the gains (or losses) investors experience in a lifetime have to do with the amount of exposure they have to various sectors like shares, property, cash etc., and much less to do with micro-decisions such as stock selection or the specific managed fund they purchase.

In other words, managing your portfolio of assets can be much less time consuming, less stressful and less expensive, if structured and maintained properly, regardless of your personal objectives and style. (Rick Maggi, Westmount. Financial Solutions)

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