04/03/13: Retirement Living & Aged Care Services

A business devoted entirely to Seniors...

What is the difference between a Retirement Village and a Lifestyle Village? What is an Aged Care Facility? What other housing options are available to you?

As financial advisors, we're constantly looking for new and relevant products services to help our clients and their families, and we think that 'Relacs', based in Mount Lawley, is pretty special in that regard. If you have ever delved into the areas of Aged Care and Retirement Living, you'll know that this a very complex area and a potential minefield with numerous variables to consider, usually on behalf of your loved ones.

Relacs is a unique service that focuses solely on the issues of Retirement Living, Residential Aged Care, Home & Community Care and Respite & Transitional Care, so they can pull it all together and provide reliable advice in terms you can understand.

It's a great service and one that finally fills a huge void in the Aged Care advice space. For more information, visit their website here, or read their brochure below.  Relacs Brochure