03/11/15: Rates steady

A positive development...

As broadly expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to hold off a little longer and keep interest rates steady today.

While there is a general consensus out there that the RBA stands ready to cut interest rates in the future should the Australian economy remain sluggish, the RBA wants to see more economic data filter through the system as some parts of the Australian economy are actually showing signs of life. And if the economy continues to gradually improve, the RBA will be less likely to move on rates (a good thing).

So in short, the RBA, by it's language today, is effectively saying that conditions are by no means ideal, but good enough for now.

Of course, the RBA will also be looking over its shoulder to the US, where interest rates are widely expected to rise either this or early next year.

We'll keep Westmount clients informed of any new developments going forward.

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