22/02/16: Minimise risk in retirement...


...and sleep better.

Recent market declines have served as yet another reminder how quickly conditions can go pear-shaped.

Market volatility can be particularly stressful for retirees (and pre-retirees), who simply cannot afford to experience a sharp decline in their wealth, as they are less capable of returning to work to earn a salary in order to recover.

To make matters worse, retirees also face another set of risks - longevity (outliving their retirement funds) and inflation (the slow and steady loss of purchasing power).

So a fork in the road exists for retirees. While most would like to preserve (or even grow) their wealth steadily, many are, justifiably, unwilling to risk large declines in their portfolio in pursuit of higher returns. At the same time they are also acutely aware that persistently low returns (currently cash and term deposits) will significantly erode their retirement assets over time - a different kind of 'loss', but the same result nevertheless.

In our experience, the key to creating a successful, comfortable, low-stress retirement can essentially be boiled-down to finding the right investment mix and then staying within well-defined 'goal posts'. That's it.

By employing a number of key strategies to minimise portfolio risk in retirement, coupled with a deep understanding of your retirement goals, your personality and your values, an experienced Financial Advisor can create a retirement solution that get's the balance right, and keep's you informed and on track, so you can get on with enjoying your retirement.

For almost 40 years we've been helping people, just like you, achieve better outcomes. So if you're spending too much time wondering (or worrying) about the future direction of your retirement, don't panic, just call us for an initial discussion.