Good afternoon,

Yesterday $34b was wiped off the Australian share market (down 1.9%) and today $58b was put back on (up 3.3%) as investors took heart with President-elect Donald Trump’s conciliatory victory speech. The major winners today were resources, with BHP and Rio jumping by 8.2% and Fortescue 10.2%, buoyed by Trump’s plans to invest in large ‘rebuild America' infrastructure projects (roads, bridges etc.). 

But just as yesterday’s slump should have been taken with a grain of salt, the same logic needs to apply to today’s encouraging rebound, and until a clearer picture of Trump’s policies emerge, you should expect continued short-term volatility. However, there is little doubt that Trump’s policies (from what we know so far) will have an inflationary, higher earnings growth bent. And how bonds, property, shares and our currency might react to this new paradigm is hard to gauge at this point. 

However at the end of the day markets will work through those uncertainties as they do with all news - all opinions will be accommodated in prices and there is little that any one person can do to change that. 

Ultimately, when the news environment is at its hottest, successful long-investors must be at their coolest.

I’ll keep you posted.

Rick Maggi