Today’s US election results were a surprise to most and are likely to have a short-term impact on global share markets. Locally, our markets fell by just under 2% today, erasing gains made over the last two days - yes, after all of the media hysteria today (ie $34 billion ‘wiped off’ the sharemarket etc) markets are merely back to Monday’s levels.

Looking ahead, US markets look as if they might fall by roughly the same percentage this evening as investors weigh the potential pros and cons of a Trump presidency.

As we’ve seen before, these kinds of knee jerk reactions are typically short term in nature, so I would strongly suggest just ignoring the ‘noise’ over the coming weeks, and even consider taking advantage of market weakness, as long as you’re prepared to accept some short-term volatility.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely.

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Shane Oliver

Bloomberg                                                                                                                                    Rick Maggi