Do You Have an Estate Directory?


Ok, so you've planned for retirement, you have insurances in place, your Wills are up to date, and you've appointed Enduring Powers of Attorney. You couldn't be more organised - well done!

But do your loved ones know where your Will is located? How about your insurance and superannuation documents? Do they know who your Lawyer, Financial Advisor and Accountant's are? How about that key to the safe or special filing cabinet?

You can see where I'm going with this.

An 'Estate Directory' is a simple but extremely useful document to have in times of crisis. Basically, it's a list of important contacts and the location of documents that you can give to your next of kin, leave in an obvious place, or lodge with us, your Financial Advisor.

Don't let your well considered plans unravel at the worst possible time. If you're a client of Westmount, ask for an Estate Directory today (it's free).

Rick Maggi