27/10/14: Deeming Deadline: 1 January 201

Time for action!

Has your financial advisor contacted you about the account based pension (ABP) deeming rule changes effective 1 January 2015?

Don’t miss out If you haven’t, it’s time to act now. If you wish to recommence your ABP before the changes take effect, we recommend you finalise all paperwork by 1 December 2014 to ensure you retain your current income test treatment or you may risk losing it.

Recap of deeming changes On 1 January 2015, ABPs will be added to the definition of financial assets in social security legislation, which means all new ABPs will be subject to deeming rules for both Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs income test purposes. Under the new deeming provisions, all financial investments are assumed to earn a certain rate of income, regardless of the income generated.

Grandfathering provisions will be available ABPs commenced prior to 1 January 2015 will retain their current income test treatment where: · The person was receiving an income support payment immediately prior to 1 January 2015 and, from that day, they have continuously received an income support payment. · An ABP automatically reverts to a reversionary beneficiary on the death of the original owner, provided that at the time of the reversion, the reversionary beneficiary is receiving an eligible income support payment.

If you have any questions or if you need help on this extremely important development contact Westmount on 9382 8885.

Rick Maggi Westmount I Financial Solutions