Choosing a financial adviser is a very personal decision – whether it’s a piece of advice you need for a point in time or something more complex you want to address on an ongoing basis. Your relationship with your financial adviser will be confidential – and based on trust.

Your choice of Adviser should make you feel:

  • Confident that your adviser understands you and has your best interests at heart.
  • Comfortable with the honesty and expertise of your adviser.
  • Satisfied with the level of service you receive.

It’s important to always choose an adviser that has an Australian Financial Services licence (AFSL) or is employed by or is authorised to represent a business that holds an AFSL.

Some sample questions to ask when choosing a financial adviser:

  • What experience do you have?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • What financial planning services do you offer?
  • What is your approach to financial planning?
  • What types of clients do you typically work with?
  • Will you be the only financial planner working with me?
  • How will l pay for your financial planning services?
  • How much do you typically charge?
  • How are my investments monitored and what information will l receive?

Rick Maggi