Your No 1 Financial Focus, Decade By Decade...

Your No 1 Financial Focus, Decade By Decade...

Everyone has a different life journey they’re on. But getting on top of key financial goals as you follow your own path could see you enjoying a more comfortable lifestyle and being ready for the next chapter to begin. Read our guide to getting all your money matters sorted out, one decade at a time…

So you're starting a family...

So you're starting a family...

Starting a family will bring you plenty of joy, but it will also create many challenges. In addition to possible sleepless nights and changes in your lifestyle, it could also affect you financially…

5 issues to consider before tying the knot...

5 issues to consider before tying the knot...

Before your big day, much of the financial talk may have been around budgeting for your wedding and planning your honeymoon. But while not nearly as exciting, there’s another vital part of your new partnership that should be considered: your future finances.

Finances can be one of the biggest sources of stress and tension in a marriage. However, open communication and careful planning now can help you avoid many problems down the road.

Here are five important areas to examine before you walk down the aisle:

Mistakes To Mastery (Free eBook)

Mistakes To Mastery (Free eBook)

Life doesn’t revolve around money. Lots of other things - like family, friends, and health - can be much more important to you than your bank balance. But some personal goals are hard to achieve if you don’t have much money. That’s why the FPA have put together this handy guide to getting to grips with the do’s and don’ts of your finances...

Insurance: Income Protection - Stay Ready

Insurance: Income Protection - Stay Ready

'Income Protection' - in the world of investing and financial planning, this is never a thrilling topic of conversation. I don't know how many times I've seen client's eyes begin to glaze over whenever I've broached the subject of income protection, or life insurance for that matter.



Fear of fear itself or something more fundamental?

AMP Capital's Dr Shane Oliver weighs in on the market meltdown and asks the tough questions. A must for retirees and investors looking for a calmer, mature assessment of the current climate. Read Here

01/01/16: Here's to You...


When we look back at the things that helped make 2015 a great year, our warmest and fuzziest feelings come when we think of you, our client.

So thank you for choosing Westmount. Here's to another prosperous, healthy, exciting year full of possibilities!

The Westmount Team

22/12/15: LIFE Insurance: Counting the cost of a curve ball...

Here's a confronting question: what would you do if the main breadwinner in your household could no longer bring in an income? Do you have a Plan B? Most people don't. That's where insurance comes in. Insurance: Counting the cost of a curve ball

For more information, contact Rick Maggi at Westmount Financial on 9382 8885.

26/11/15: How well protected is your business?

Business Insurance essential...

If you're like many business owners you have already insured the physical assets of your business from theft, fire and damage. But have you considered the importance of insuring yourself - and other key people in your business - against the possibility of death, disability and illness.

Not being adequately insured can be a very risky oversight, as the long term absence or loss of a key person can have a dramatic impact on your business and your financial interests in it.

Read more here

For more information, contact Rick Maggi at Westmount Financial on 9382 8885.

Rick Maggi Westmount Financial Clear Focus. Better Solutions.

20/05/15: EOFY strategies to consider, right now...

A checklist

With just over a month to go, and the Federal Budget behind us, now is the time to prepare for the end of the financial year. Created by AMP, this is an excellent link for those clients needing a checklist. As you would expect, it's AMP-centric, but the fundamentals are universal. As always, feel free to call me personally if you'd like to take a closer look at your personal situation. Read EOFY checklist

Rick Maggi Westmount Financial Clear Focus. Better Solutions.

30/04/14: Smart End of Financial Year strategies 2013/14

The countdown begins...

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, we're commencing a 60 day countdown to assist you in getting your financial affairs organised and ready for the June 30 deadline. Taking action now can open up more opportunities for you. The following guide lists 12 key superannuation and insurance based solutions you should look at.  Read Here

As always, we're only a phone call away. So if you would like to discuss your own strategy, tax, superannuation, investment, retirement planning, Centrelink issues or the Federal Budget, please call us on 9382 8885. (Rick Maggi. Westmount. Financial Solutions.)

13/05/13: Smart EOFY 2013 Strategies

12 End of Financial Year strategies to consider...

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is a great time to take advantage of various superannuation, insurance and tax strategies to reduce costs, save tax and streamline your finances.

Below is a useful guide to help you get there, but if you have any doubts or concerns, please contact us or discuss your personal circumstances with your financial adviser or tax specialist before taking action. Rick Maggi.  Read Smart EOFY Guide

26/06/12: Alert: 30% Health Insurance Rebate

Pay your health insurance in advance and save...

Please note that the Government is applying an income test to the current 30 per cent rebate it gives us on our private health insurance. That means higher income earners (singles earning over $84,000 and households earning over $164,000) will be progressively slugged up to 30% more on their health insurance from next Monday.

However, the ATO allows you to prepay your health insurance for the next financial year (as long as you do it before the end of the week) which effectively means you can lock in the rebate, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.  Rick Maggi    Try HBF Rebate calculator here